Your customers are your biggest fans when your technology is delivering significant value. Ease the path to implementation and adoption by making sure language doesn’t stand in the way of effective and efficient user communication and training. That way, your customers can rapidly get up to speed and get the most out of your software.

With video, you can easily train groups of any size, at any time, anyplace in the world, lowering your customers’ implementation cost and speeding the adoption timeline compared to in-person training. Also, video allows your company to provide self-paced training in every language your customers needs. Video is also the most effective way to reach new prospects around the globe.

Native-language communication improves engagement and comprehension, but only if it’s done accurately. Poor quality translations or mismatched dubbing can be a distraction, just distraction, just when you need your audience to stay focused. To maximize the effectiveness of your videos, you need precision localization, whether through alternative audio tracks that are expertly lip-synched, or through accurate subtitles that employ an economy of words and are precisely placed on–screen to make for a seamless viewing experience.

At CMI, we’ll help global users learn how to use your software, even if you don’t speak their language.

Why You Can Trust Us With Your Content

  1. We have 50+ years of experience localizing audiovisual content. Whether you need dubbing, subtitles, or closed captions, we have a step-by-step process that ensures accuracy and authenticity.
  2. Our team is exclusively comprised of native language speakers, both for translation as well as for voice talent. They have linguistic expertise in more than 150 languages. They know how the locals speak, so your message has the right tone in any dialect from Albanian to Zulu.
  3. Our directors, editors and technical team will ensure a seamless experience for your target audience, with your original message preserved and delivered with its full impact, as intended.

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