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Seamless subtitles convey your message to any audience in the world

Whether you’re releasing a feature-length film, a brief corporate training video, or a 30-second ad, CMI can help you reach people worldwide with the best subtitles in the industry. As a subtitling company, we preserve your content’s original intent and message through flawless translation/localization services and precisely rendered subtitles. The result is quality subtitles attuned to syntax, idiomatic expression, and linguistic veracity.  While our translators keep a laser-like focus on language precision, fluidity, and intent, it’s equally important that our A/V pros create customized displays that guarantee aesthetic legibility. CMI is the premium subtitling service provider in the industry.


We are literally passionate about catching every nuance.
Please don’t make the mistake of allowing the passionately literal to create your subtitles.

The steps to quality subtitling

Watch and understand the content
Develop an accurate transcript of the words with contextual notations
Write translations that express the meaning accurately with attention to dialects and local usage
Integrate the subtitles within the media with precise timing to match the on-screen action

The result: a high-quality product that is meaningful to each target audience around the globe.

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