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Seamless dubbing conveys your message to any audience in the world

You want your audience to be captivated by your content, not distracted by the dubbing. You’ve seen the jarring effects of bad dubbing.


You’ll know it’s good dubbing when you don’t even notice it. That’s the quality of the work we do.


To make a translation take life on the screen with seamless accuracy requires specialized artists who understand how to act with their voice to match the on-screen performance in tonality, idiom, and intonation, with just the right amount of local spice as needed. CMI is a voice-over and dubbing company that has spent years recruiting native speakers to build an international network of trained talent that’s ready to make your film or video look and sound like it was recorded in any language, from Albanian to Zulu. We match actors to the genre, from cartoons to indie films, commercials to blockbuster features.

The steps to quality dubbing

Watch and understand the content
Create a professional transcript
Translate and localize the transcript, paying close attention to detail and accuracy, including dialects and local usage to retain your message, style, and context
Development of an algorithmic script that matches the linguistic beats to the original, syllable for syllable
Record the script with stylistically matched actors under the supervision of directors who ensure perfect alignment of the mouth movements, intonation, and tone
Have the audio mixed by sound engineers who adjust everything from volume to fade, making sure the result sounds natural

When we’re done, you can sit back and marvel with the audience how it truly seems that the actors aren’t dubbed at all, keeping all of the expressiveness, nuance, and fluidity of your original content.

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