Open your content to new audiences with excellent closed captioning services

Accurate closed captions are vital for accessibility, whether your viewer is hearing-disabled, needs to watch with the volume off, or simply needs help to not to miss a word or sound. Don’t settle for captions with errors that make it harder for viewers to stay engaged with your content.

We help viewers get swept up in your content and forget they are reading. To do it, we:

  • Meet the tightest deadlines, while never sacrificing accuracy for speed
  • Guarantee that closed captioning best practices like grammar, punctuation and syntax are strictly respected
  • Can provide localization services in any language you need
  • Make sure the description of sound effects is thorough but unobtrusive
  • Apply rigorous quality control measures
  • Can also deliver a combined-continuity (CCSL) spotting list

The steps to quality CAPTIONING

Watch and understand the content
Professional transcription, including all words and plot-pertinent sound effects
Caption writing, paying close attention to detail and accuracy
Integration within the media, with precise timing to match the on-screen action

Reach beyond basic accessibility and compliance. Expand the reach of your content by engaging viewers with a true experience of your work.

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