Localization & Translation Services

Global reach through quality localization

When you want your content to resonate with audiences worldwide, our nuanced localization services faithfully capture the words and the sentiment to convey your message in any language, from Albanian to Zulu.


What works in Montreal can raise eyebrows in Paris. They dance the samba in São Paolo, not so much in Lisbon.


Authentic localization never jars your audience with a disconnect in the message or the timing of the words. More than translating the language, we make sure your meaning is preserved with attention to the region and dialect – and expert audio-visual integration into your work.


We ensure the subtitles are timed perfectly to the action and emotion on the screen, allowing viewers to forget they are reading as they are immersed in your work.

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We match the artist with the genre and character – and then the artists carefully match the tone, timing, and mouth movements so viewers aren’t distracted.

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We preserve the viewing experience with accurate closed captions for your media and streaming platforms in a wide variety of languages.

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Your content is valuable. Let CMI unlock your message for audiences worldwide.

Through our post-production capabilities, we serve clients worldwide with professional language translation and localization services.  Our video work ranges from small commercials to complex feature-length blockbusters with multiple actors and tracks. Localization is more than translating a script with cultural context. The words must be integrated with the video as a seamless presentation. We’re experts at everything from idiomatic translations to precise alignment of mouth movements with the spoken word.

At CMI, We Provide Captioning, Subtitling, Voice-Over and Dubbing

Clients Worldwide in More Than 150 Languages.

For decades, we’ve been trusted with the localization and delivery of in-flight entertainment for complex feature films from major Hollywood studios including:

  • Comcast NBC Universal

  • Sony Pictures Entertainment

  • Twentieth Century Fox


To deliver your message with authenticity, we employ seasoned post-production professionals across every aspect of your project, including:

  • Native language speakers

    who translate your words with linguistic expertise and cultural context to preserve idiomatic accuracy

  • Talented directors and voice-over artists

    who ensure each line is executed with accurate pronunciation, timing, and inflection.

  • Exacting audio-visual editors

    who align the translation to the on-screen experience with precision, managing multiple voices and tracks.

We Can Localize Content in Any Field, Including Legal,

Medical, and Corporate Communications.

We can provide professional translation services and localization for content in any field, including legal, medical, and corporate communications. We can even do technical and packaging translations. Products can include:

  • Advertisements
  • Audiobooks
  • Blogs
  • Conference collateral
  • Documentaries
  • Educational materials
  • In-flight entertainment
  • Instructional Videos
  • Marketing materials
  • Movies
  • Print Products
  • Social media posts
  • Streaming media
  • TV shows
  • Website content

After localization, our digital delivery team can guarantee that quality-controlled files are securely distributed to the right place in the right format at the right time. We handle the encoding and file delivery for more than 2 terabytes of Hollywood feature content every month.

If your media needs to be manufactured, packaged, and delivered – we can do that, too. We’ve manufactured and shipped more than 3.5 million pieces in full compliance with all licensing bodies.

Our extensive international network also means we can act as a resource if you are still considering how to seek maximum exposure for your work or business. We know producers, distributors and content-seekers on several continents. Get in touch to explore what we can do for you in the global marketplace.

To discuss how our localization services can give your content global reach.

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