Digital Brochure

Digital Brochure

Visual Marketing Like Never Before with the dBrochure

Grab A Hold Of Your Target’s Attention And Keep It
With The Newest Alternative to Static, One Dimensional Brochures


The dBrochure takes a physical print piece to the highest level of brand engagement. By adding cutting-edge technology via features such as embedded video formats, interactive user controls buttons, stereo and more, you’ve immediately got your customer’s attention.

With dBrochure, there are no distractions just your message in your viewer’s hands.

It offers full customization with various sizes and formats. With a dBrochure, there are no distractions. Just your message in your viewer’s hands, right before their eyes and ears.

Our fully customizable dBrochure leverages digital and tactile communication technology to deliver your message immediately. It’s the marriage of traditional media kits with cutting-edge video embedded technology, tailored to help your company drive impactful results.

The benefit: instant marketing messaging that literally speaks directly to the intended audience.

Multiple Uses

Deliver your message to a wide range of audiences including:

  • High-End Marketing

    - Provide the perfect collateral material that will make a visual, audio and tangible impact for fashion, travel, spa, real estate and automotive.

  • Sales

    - Empower sales teams with an unforgettable “leave behind” for use at sales calls, tradeshows and conferences.

  • Corporate

    - Enhance your corporate training and general corporate messaging.

  • Health and Medical

    - Enable a more effective implementation of procedures/policies; communicate the latest technological innovation for health providers and pharma.

  • Product Information

    - Demonstrate visually product use and information to end use consumers.

  • Agencies

    - Offer a high-tech and impressive vehicle for clients to convey their brand and messaging.

CMI can localize your embedded video to extend the dBrochure’s reach to multi-language markets.

Features Include

  • LCD screens in three sizes

  • Up to six, interactive control buttons

  • Standard and high-definition video capable

  • Up to 30 minutes of video

  • Stereo

  • USB connectors for charging and video upload

  • Four color printing with choice of glossy or matte finish


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