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Let us help you entertain, educate, and engage audiences worldwide

We call it “complexity made simple.” That means we’re pros at managing the intricacies of making your content perform in any market. At CMI, we’ve honed our expertise over 50 years, so you never have to worry about the details. We can get your media to the right place, in exactly the right language and format, at the right time.



Creating quality subtitles that convey your message through authentic localization and customized displays for optimal legibility.


Language replacement that’s so seamless you won’t be able to tell it’s dubbed – from lip sync to tone to language nuance.


Bringing your content to new audiences by providing accurate, well-timed captions as fast as you need them.

Digital Delivery

Preparation + Encoding

Converting your files to the required specifications for any destination, including tech specs, aspect ratios, language services, alternate audio and more.


Delivering the right format to the right destination on time – even when we’re sending 240 or more file versions for a single film to unique customers worldwide.

QA + Protection

Ensuring that your content plays perfectly and is protected from unauthorized use.

Media Fulfillment


Authoring, replication, and duplication for media including DVD, Blu-ray, and CD – and we can do the package design, if you like.

Order & Inventory Management

Order and payment processing, inventory and return management, real-time reporting and more.


Warehousing, assembly, packaging, and other fulfillment services that get your media products where they need to go.

Get your content to perform all over the world.

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