Expert insights on taking your video and audio global.

The CMI team has compiled a must-read assortment of complimentary downloadable guides to help you leverage the power of video communication on a global scale.


The 5 Most Costly Localization Mistakes

Hindsight is 20/20, as they say, and many video and film producers suffer from costly mistakes that could have been avoided. Take a look at the five most common and most costly localization mistakes.


The Video Dubbing Process & Best Practices

There are a host of reasons to choose dubbing over, or in addition to, subtitling. Once you have opted to dub your video project in a different language than the original version, selecting the right localization provider is key.


Localization 101: The art and science of globalizing your audiovisual

Video has a tremendous effect on the way we live and work. It accounts for 74% of all online use. Putting out video content in just one language means missing out on millions of potential viewers.


Don’t Skimp on the Dialog List

Prospective clients often ask us why they need a professional to prepare a dialog list. They wonder if they can skip this extra expense, they shouldn’t; a properly prepared dialog list will guarantee cost savings down the line.


Video Localization for Corporate Communication

CMI recommends that corporate clients take a page out of the Hollywood studio playbook and localize corporate communications with the same care and attention that a film production company would.


What’s The Difference Between Voice-Over and Dubbing?

With the global consumption of video, there is a demand for both voice-over and dubbing depending on the type of video. We often get asked “What is the difference and when and why should I use dubbing or voice-over?”

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