The client message is on point. Your team has honed it to perfection to activate the audience. But when it’s rendered into Chinese or Arabic or Brazilian Portuguese, how will you know the message has been kept intact? How will you know if it’s even correct?

At first, lower bids might look better for your budget. Even in the age of artificial intelligence, computers can’t yet replicate linguistic nuance or local idioms perfectly. They also struggle with humor, tone, and vocal inflection.

Often people mistake script translation for video localization which is much more complex and has technical implications too. It’s an art and a science. And it’s one part of the client project you won’t be able to review with your internal team. Getting it wrong can be a costly mistake for your budget, your brand, and possibly even your career. It’s just not worth it.

At CMI, we’ll get your message right for any market in the world. Guaranteed.

Why You Can Trust Us With Your Content

  1. We have 50+ years of experience localizing audiovisual content. Whether you need dubbing, subtitles, or closed captions, we have a step-by-step process that ensures accuracy and authenticity.
  2. Our team is exclusively comprised of native language speakers, both for translation as well as for voice talent. They have linguistic expertise in more than 150 languages. They know how the locals speak, so your message has the right tone in any dialect from Albanian to Zulu.
  3. Our directors, editors and technical team will ensure a seamless experience for your target audience, with your original message preserved and delivered with its full impact, as intended.

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