Yelena Makarczyk

Director of Localization Services

Yelena manages CMI’s localization services, at CMI’s West Coast facility. Drawing on her international background and deep cross-cultural understanding, Yelena oversees a substantial network of translators, subtitling editors, sound engineers, and finishing artists. She brings her artisan expertise to bear in transcription, captioning, and dubbing, as well, ensuring that follow-through is never an afterthought, with respect to your intended message. Yelena immigrated to the United States at 15, graduating magna cum laude from UCLA with a degree in English & World Literature, Documentary Film & Linguistic Studies. Her behind-camera participation in the Emmy-winning documentary series Russia, Land of the Tsars led her into the post-production industry, where she soon was appointed Creative Director at Gelula/SDI. Later, she launched VITAC’s international operations, managing multi-language teams for over a decade and setting the industry standard in the field.

In her rare spare time, Yelena writes and translates poetry with the help of her rambunctious German Shepherd pup. When it comes to movies, Yelena loves “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears”.